Natural wedding photography that captures your authentic moments

Weddings shouldn't be captured in a way that is trendy. Those types of photos eventually look outdated. This includes dark, moody, vintage, warm, ultra-vibrant, or whatever weird stuff is out there.

Memories that are captured naturally don't age and stay timeless. On the day you get married, will you remember something superficial? Or something real?

Dupon Photography specializes in capturing your wedding authentically as it is.

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Timeless & authentic wedding photography

My name is Gabriel Dupon. I am an artist creating photographs that naturally tell the story of your wedding. My focus is timeless and authentic wedding photography.

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Northern Colorado wedding photography

Dupon Photography is available to photograph weddings anywhere in the United States of America. I offer you, the bride & groom, a fun experience with a guarantee that I won't be a jerk. Oh, and I somehow become a different person on the day you tie the knot. I combine three days' worth of energy and just have a blast!


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This is a space where I tell Google and other search engines that I am worth something in this world. If I didn't, we might have never found each other. I tell Google that I am a Loveland Colorado Wedding Photographer and a Fort Collins Colorado Wedding Photographer.

Additionally, I am also a Wellington Colorado Wedding Photographer and a Cheyenne Wyoming Wedding Photographer. Other fun locations I love to shoot at include Estes Park, Breckenridge, Longmont, Greeley, Boulder, and Windsor.

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