Meet Gabriel Dupon

Living in the beautiful Northern Colorado, I always have something fun to do! It could be riding my bike, skiing down a mountain, reading a book in a hammock, going on wild adventures, or chillin with my Australian labradoodle! Her name is Pixie and she is the best friend I have!

I am also a wedding photographer and I take really good wedding photographs that capture the authentic, timeless, and meaningful moments of your special day!

Photo Credit: Rob Hawthorne Photography

Not Another Trendy Photographer

My pictures are pure, which means I don't follow any trends or do anything weird with my work. I don't know about you, but I am really bored and annoyed by the work of most wedding photographers. Why? Because once social media was born, photography trends became a thing! And unfortunately, many professional photographers have developed their skill to over brand themselves and capture pictures based on current trends. The look of these trends may appeal to you right now, but once these trends become outdated (as all do), you will wish that you didn't choose that photographer to capture your wedding. My conclusion? Trends are for advertising photographers, not wedding photographers.

Investing into your future

My photography captures the authentic, meaningful, and timeless moments of your wedding! I want these precious photographs to be a reminder of what you and your fiancé felt on your wedding day, even decades into your marriage. Wedding photography isn't just a luxury of beautiful photos, but an investment into your future! Imagine being married for twenty years and coming home after a long day just to see a heartfelt photo from your wedding day hanging on your wall. Do you know the amount of joy that this could bring into your life?

My Passion Is to inspire with joy

I believe there are no limits with photography because you have the ability to beautifully document what is observed in this world and be able to inspire others in such a way that brings joy out of every one of us! After many years of experience, I understand that this visual medium is not just about capturing physical beauty, but the beauty of who we are as people from the inside out.

My Philosophy

Photography is a beautiful thing. Not necessarily capturing what we can see, but what we can’t see...

Serving you to the moon and back

As a photographer, pleasing my clients with the best possible service is my greatest reward when capturing precious moments. I believe that is the true beauty of being a professional photographer! If you're considering me as your photographer for your special day, I would love to setup a meeting to talk about how I can best capture your special day!


“Gabriel photographed our wedding and did a great job! He was friendly and very easy to work with. His communication is exceptional and he was always very eager to help. Most importantly, we love the photos that he took!”

“Gabriel made the entire experience so much fun and the photos came out beautiful! I would highly recommend him to any of our friends or family that are looking for someone to capture their best memories.”

“I recommend Gabriel Dupon as a photographer for any occasion. He did a wonderful job with my wedding. He captured all of the most important moments on my wedding day. He made it fun and enjoyable with my wedding party. Overall he did an amazing job capturing a lifetime of memories.”

“Gabriel was very creative and offered a lot of great suggestions for photos that we would have otherwise missed out on. Very attentive, friendly and professional. Highly recommend!”

BY THE WAY... You won't Find me on Social Media

Fun fact, I have had five different Instagram accounts in my lifetime, but have deleted all of them. If you now try to find my business page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever, you won't be able to find me. I avoid using social media because I believe that I can be a pure photographer without using it and not be a trendy photographer found on many of these media sites. It may be a marketing mistake on my part, but I truly believe in capturing authentic, meaningful, and timeless images for you!

The pure photographer Definition

A photographer capturing photos that have a long lasting impact on you. They are very natural, real moments, and have very minimal editing. This type of photography is perfect for weddings and important occasions as they best convey what you felt on your special day!

The trendy photographer Definition

A photographer capturing photos that have an instant impact on you, but will lose their visual interest over time as trends are always changing. They are unnatural, deceiving, usually have a lot of editing involved, and sometimes too perfect rather than creative. This type of photography is useful for advertising and social media posts!