First Touch Wedding Portrait at Ellis Ranch
Country Wedding Portrait in Ramah Colorado
Cake at Moraine Event Center
Mother Daughter Hug at Red Barn
Bride Getting Ready at Ellis Ranch
Bride and Groom Portrait in Evergreen
Cake Flowers at Red Barn
Groom watching his Bride walk down aisle at Ellis Ranch
Bride Holding Wedding Bouquet at Ellis Ranch
Power-lines Wedding Portrait in Ramah Colorado
Wedding Party Portrait at Evergreen Red Barn
Groom Portrait at Viestenz-Smith
Ceremony at Ellis Ranch
Wedding Rings on glass surface table
Entire Wedding Party at Ellis Ranch
Bride portrait at Viestenz-Smith
Hanging Dress in Estes Park
Ring on book at Viestenz-Smith
Grand exit in Ramah Colorado
Bride Bouquet Portrait in Evergreen
Family Wedding at Viestenz-Smith
Intimate Wedding Ceremony in Estes Park
Bride Getting Ready at Estes Park Condos
Unity Sand Ceremony at Ellis Ranch
Intimate Bride & Groom Portrait at Ellis Ranch
Dress Hanging at Ellis Ranch
Groom portrait in Estes Park
Ring on wet table in Estes Park
Groomsmen with Bride at Ellis Ranch
Wedding Portrait in Gazebo at Ellis Ranch
Running on Road Wedding Portrait in Ramah Colorado
Bride Holding Bouquet in Estes Park
Wedding rings on antler in Ramah Colorado
Outdoor Wedding Tie Picture
Gorgeous bride at Ellis Ranch
Outdoor Wedding Bouquet Picture
Barn Tables in Ramah Colorado

Outdoor Weddings Portfolio

This portfolio displays the clean, organic, and fresh photographs that I have captured from weddings!

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