Artistic Wedding Photography

Beautiful weddings rings with bokeh background

Flair unlike others

My style isn't trendy. It is purely unique and full of life! My love is to capture the heartwarming memories at weddings that everyone can forever love & cherish!

More than what meets the eye

Photography isn't just another cost to your wedding, but an investment into your future! These three words: authentic, timeless, and meaningful is what I believe to be the secret ingredient to a powerful photo full of life. Hiring me for your special day means that I will not just capture, but preserve what you felt that day, so you can remember it for many years to come!

Kind Words

Kind Words

“Gabriel made the entire experience so much fun and the photos came out beautiful! I would highly recommend him to any of our friends or family that are looking for someone to capture their best memories.”

All Packages Include

Quick turnaround time

After your wedding, expect to receive your pictures within two or three weeks! During this time, I have to sort through them out and apply retouches to make sure they look amazing!

Photography coverage

Expect to receive about fifty pictures per hour. Could be more or less depending on any requests and the nature of your wedding.

Print & share rights

You will gain the rights to print your pictures from wherever you would like! If you don't want to stress about the printing process, I can have them professionally printed for you!

Additionally, there are no restrictions when sharing you images.

Archive protection

For the first two years after your wedding I provide a backup of all your pictures on my hard drives. After that two year period, I may charge a small archive fee to pay for the hassle of retrieving any picture you may have lost.

Delivery of photos

I send all of your pictures to you on an elegant online gallery! This is the modern way of providing everyone their images. You have the option to download, favorite, share, and print any or all of the images directly from the gallery.

Full resolution

I provide you with full resolution JPEG copies of all the selected images available to download from the online gallery.

Lifelike editing

After your big day, I start consolidating your pictures (known as culling) to find the best captures. Once I have them sorted out, I will make artistic corrections to the color & tone to each image. I will also do hand retouches if I deem it necessary.

My overall approach is to edit images with a non-trendy lifelike approach that will be timeless for generations. I don't use any high saturations, selective colors, contrast yellows, intense grains, vintage film, or any other weird trendy editing style out there.


I will help you before, during, and after your big day. I do this because I want to make sure you are confidant with my services of capturing all of your precious memories!


Interested in not having photos captured, but rather art created on your special day? Fill out the application below to set up a meeting!