Unique is a powerful word

The style of a photographer is not just their signature look, but also a way that you will remember your wedding. I use a combination of documentary and traditional styles of wedding photography to capture the authentic, timeless, and meaningful moments from a wedding!

Modern Photojournalism

If I could define my photojournalistic images based on how they appeal with three simple words, I would describe them as clean, organic, and fresh! My style has evolved and developed through the years, but here is a description of my style that I am very pleased with!


Nobody appreciates pictures that are messy, so I aim for simplicity that is visually graceful without clutter. The clean part of my style is most noticeable with the traditional camera-aware type portraits that I capture.


Along with a clean appeal, I strive to have a natural look with seamless composition of harmony. Capturing moments as they appear with an artistic perspective results in organic images that could be considered stunning! Organic is essentially photojournalism with a graceful and creative approach.


Beautiful light and youthful colors make my pictures stand out! The freshness of my images is what makes my pictures have a look of awe and have an appeal of wonder...

My pictures are fresh because they are uniquely beautiful, yet familiar. Fresh is one of the ways I capture photographs, but this is also how I edit and retouch them. I am conservative on my digital editing with my pictures because I want to keep them authentic, but I like to make sure the colors evoke a subtle emotional response.