The sky is the limit

When we sign the contract, I provide a clause that gives you legal permission to unlimited printing and sharing of your pictures for any non-commercial purposes.

Unlimited Printing

You aren't locked in with having to purchase prints or special photo products from me. Instead, you you can print the pictures from home or order photo products from your favorite printing lab! Plus, you can do so as much as you would like! However, if printing stresses you out and need your prints or wall displays to be made right, you can order high quality prints through the online gallery.

Unlimited Sharing

I give you permission to share your pictures on any social media platform and on your website as well! Why would you get pictures of your special day and have a photographer not let you share them? That doesn't sound right, so I give you unlimited sharing anywhere on the internet. However, I do kindly ask that you don't apply any filters or re-edit the pictures yourself if you're going to share the photographs.