Photography Portfolio

My favorite Images

On this page you will find my portfolio divided into five sections (weddings, animals, landscapes, nature, & people). They are all such a joy to photograph and I hope you enjoy viewing them!


My goal as a wedding photographer is to capture pure and true to life images! This is a portfolio of many love stories that are authentic, timeless, and meaningful! All images here have been captured at real wedding by me as the only lead photographer.

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Here you will find pets, wildlife, and insects! I always find animals fun to photograph and plus they are a great way to learn how to take great photos because it takes a lot of time!

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Landscape Portfolio

Perhaps the most relaxing type of photography! You can embrace the beauty of nature while capturing its elegance. Here you will find a big variety of landscape and scenic photos that I have captured.

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Here is a selection of nature related photographs that aren't landscapes (that section is above). These fun little detail shots from our earth make you appreciate how incredible nature is!

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People Portfolio

Here are some of my favorite portraits and sport pictures that I have captured that are not related to a wedding (all of the wedding images at the top of the page). These pictures are fun and show the personalties of the individuals.

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