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Privacy Policy

1 » Anonymous Data

The Webmaster automatically collects certain analytical information from this gallery as you access it, including your IP address, service provider, demographics, traffic sources, session durations, etc. This does not include any personal information and will not be stored with your personal identification. The Webmaster does not use this information to identify individual users and keeps this information completely confidential. The reason the Webmaster records this data is to understand the traffic and to better improve this website for you and other clients.

2 » Personal Data

The Webmaster will keep Personal Data that you voluntarily provide, such as your name, email, phone number, address, etc. This information will be used to provide customer service with questions and booking a service. Any sensitive information provided with the Webmaster will not be shared publicly and will be kept secured.

3 » Cookies

This gallery uses Cookies and are set automatically when you access the galley. Cookies tell the Webmaster who you are and what you have done and told this website before. Basically, they make your experience a lot easier when visiting this website. If you option to decline cookies found in your browser settings, it may prevent you from taking full advantage of all the features found on this website.

4 » Security

All information gained from users visiting the site are kept secured and are kept in encrypted servers and hard discs. The Webmaster will never sell, trade, or transfer sensitive data to any outside parties.

Privacy Policy Last Updated: June-11-2020

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