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Purpose of Photography

The Purpose of Taking Pictures

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No matter if you're a professional photographer or have a smart phone in your pocket, our lives are filled with capturing trillions of moments every year; constantly taking pictures. However, have you ever asked yourself why? What is the purpose of a photo and how can that be a powerful method of communication?

This can be called photography theory: exploring the true purpose of taking photographs. Something that rarely gets discussed, which most don't even acknowledge. I had to learn this mostly on my own and that is why I wrote this article to help give you an understanding.

Before we get started, you might just be wondering why it even matters to understand the anatomy and purpose of photography. Simply, it is because we have a tendency to default to modified replication instead of actually creating something truly original, authentic, and meaningful. However, being able to understand the purpose, provides you the ability to take advantage of that power within the medium to make an impactful photograph! Knowing that, gives you the freedom with no limits on what is possible, letting you be inspired by anything that you choose!

When most artists refer to what the value of photography is, they usually bring up something related to telling a story, preserving history, or emotional expression. I am not saying that's wrong because it is absolutely what it's about. What I am saying, is that there is absolutely no understanding around and about that.

Photography is a communication medium of capturing light that comes from two Greek words that translate to "painting with light." With that in mind, the power of light is what makes us see what we might not be able to and document it as a part of life to become history, which all mixes together to create this form of energy that cannot be described.

This is a potent energy that is hidden within, which is my definition whenever the term "powerful" is added as a prefix of any image. The energy is of many things, including the expression, the story, the emotion, and ultimately what your original intention was when taking this photo. It exists because of YOU, the photographer, painting with light!

Essentially, photography is very personal, as it is all about bridging humanity (who we all are as people, including you and I) and light (creative communication) together to create an energy that ultimately you define.

Let me ask you this: what is your artistic philosophy?

Understanding this will make your photos beyond social media worthy, that will add a special, impactful, and influential value!

When you begin to look at photography in this perspective, you realize what importance this art form has and the opportunities that you can do with it.

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