Investing Into Your Future

Your wedding day is a love story that needs to be preserved authentically, timelessly, and meaningfully! Why? Because if you work with one of the many trendy photographer's out there, those moments captured will become outdated and won't be preserved the way they deserve. Choosing me as your wedding photographer means that your precious moments will be carefully captured in a real, non-trendy way!

Memories are priceless

Have the option of three different packages or choose to build your own with À La Carte! Prices for packages are usually priced at $250 per hour. Please contact me through the form at the bottom of the page to schedule a meeting, so we can chat. I cannot wait to hear from you!


Budget friendly package
4-6 Hours of Coverage
Approximately 300 Pictures
For micro weddings and elopements



6-8 Hours of Coverage
Approximately 400 Pictures
Wall Art & Prints (100 credits)
Complementary USB Flash Drive



Full Day Coverage
Premium 10x10 Album
Approximately 500 Pictures
Wall Art & Prints (200 credits)
Complementary USB Flash Drive


All Packages Include

Independent Photographer

When you hire me, I will be shooting your wedding by myself. This helps to keep costs down for you, to avoid confusions, and to deeply focus on capturing the best possible pictures!

Quick Turnaround Time

After your wedding, expect to receive your pictures within two or three weeks! During this time, I have to sort through them and apply retouches to make sure they look amazing!

Photography Coverage

Expect to receive about fifty pictures per hour.

Print & Share Rights

You will gain the rights to print your pictures from wherever you want! If you don't want to worry about printing, I can also print them for you. Additionally, there are no restrictions when sharing you images.

Archive Protection

For the first two years after your wedding I provide a backup of all your pictures on my hard drives. After that two year period, I may charge an archive fee to retrieve any picture you may have lost.

Delivery of Photos

I send all of your pictures to you on an elegant online gallery! This is the modern way of providing everyone their images. You have the option to download, favorite, share, and print any or all of the images directly from the gallery.

Full Resolution

I provide you with full resolution JPEG copies of all the images available to download in the online gallery.

Lifelike Editing

After your big day, I start culling your pictures to find the best captures. Once I have them sorted out, I will make color, tone, corrections, and retouches to each image. My approach is to edit them with a lifelike approach that will be timeless for generations. I don't use any high saturations, selective colors, contrast yellows, or any other weird trendy editing style out there.


I will help you before, during, and after your big day. I do this because I want to make sure you are confidant with my services of capturing all of your precious memories!

Upgrades & add-ons

Specialty prints and wall art

You can get your photos printed wherever you would like, but for the best print displays and guarantee of quality, it is recommended that you order through Gabriel Dupon Photography as photos are printed through a professional lab.

Once the digital pictures are delivered to you through the online gallery, there will be an online store when you can check out all the different options for prints and wall displays that you can order. Some packages include credits that can be used to purchase these products.

Destination weddings

I can photograph your wedding anywhere in the United States and some international locations.

Traveling expenses are only required if your wedding is outside the Northern Colorado area or Cheyenne Wyoming. Read the "areas served" page in "service details" to learn more.

Travel fees include:
● Airfare Reimbursement or road fee of up to $0.42 per mile.
● Hotel Reimbursement
● Destination wedding fee

Please contact me for more information regarding my destination services.

Engagement Session

Receive about 90 beautiful images to celebrate the beginning of your forever journey together! Engagement sessions are exclusive for wedding clients only that are in the Northern Colorado area or Cheyenne Wyoming. Packages are usually $300.

Please contact me and I will be happy to provide you more details and prices!

À La Carte Options

Build your own packages are available! Please contact me through the wedding availability contact form for more info.

Signature albums

Receiving photos from your wedding is a wonderful feeling! Seeing all of those heartwarming memories is something you should cherish! However, you may be asking the question... What is the best way to cherish them? The answer is an album of course! I am an album architect, and I will design your album to perfection!

Each album is carefully put together and each image is placed in the most elegant way! Albums are ordered À La Carte for finishes (cover materials, paper type, and style of design), so it can be just the way you want it!

USB Flash drives

USB drives come with most packages or can be ordered from the online gallery store once your pictures are delivered.

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