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About Gabriel Dupon

Gabriel Dupon is a photographer based in Northern Colorado that specializes in wedding and portrait photography


It is no coincidence that you found me, so welcome to GDP! As a proper introduction, I am Gabriel Dupon, a photographer based in the Northern Colorado area, specializing in portrait and wedding photography! Weirdly enough, I am known for capturing the Sprague Lake photo that is on the back of the new 2021 Colorado Drivers License. I primarily serve clients in Cheyenne, Wellington, Fort Collins, Windsor, and Loveland, however, I love adventure and I am available for travel to any location in the United States to serve you the best I can.


Throughout my entire life, I have always had this urge to want to pick up a camera, but always hesitated because I asked the question "why take a picture?" I didn't buy a camera until 2014 and that is when I realized how much love I had for the art of photography! Before starting to take pictures of people and events, I really enjoyed capturing landscapes, wildlife, architectures, or just about anything that I observed! In 2017, I had the opportunity to do my first event and began my journey doing portrait photography and created my website! Since then, my work has evolved into what it is today as I continue to ask "why capture this?" every time I pickup my camera!


For a photographer to define their style is no easy task. However, if I could define my images based on how they look with three simple words, I would describe them as clean, organic, and fresh! My style has evolved and developed through the years, but here is a description of my style that I am happy with:

🧼 Clean

Nobody likes pictures that are messy, so whenever I take pictures, I aim for simplicity that is visually graceful without clutter. The clean part of my style is most noticeable with the traditional camera aware type portraits that I capture.

🏔 Organic

I like to take clean pictures, but I also strive to have a natural look with seamless composition of harmony. Capturing moments as they are while viewing them through my artist perspective results in organic images that could be considered stunning! Organic is essentially the word I use instead of photojournalism.

🍍 Fresh

Beautiful light and youthful colors make my pictures stand out. The freshness of my images is what makes my pictures have a look of awe and have an appeal of wonder. My pictures are fresh because they are uniquely beautiful, yet familiar. Fresh is one of the ways I capture my photographs, but this is mostly how I edit and retouch them.


There is no limit with this visual medium, as I love to beautifully capture what I sees in this world and be able to inspire others in such a simple way. I was challenged by wanting to understand the meaning of photography, but I soon realized through all of my experience that it’s not just about capturing physical beauty, but the beauty of who we are as people from the inside out.

Essentially, I love to capture moments. And not just any type of moment, I love to capture precious moments! I enjoy being able to capture that moment when everyone is having a good time getting ready; its exciting to see the kiss at the end of the ceremony; its amazing being able to capture a portrait of the bride and groom looking their best; and I love seeing everyone bonding together as a new life begins together!

Whatever it may be, photography is special because you are able to capture visually emotional moments! What is there not to love with that? If you haven't already, I encourage you to read my artistic philosophy page where I describe what I believe is the meaning of photography.

Serving You

As a photographer, pleasing my clients with the best effort is my greatest reward when capturing precious moments. I believe that is the true beauty of being a professional photographer. Being able to show up to a wedding and capture all of the fun, intimacy, and exciting action throughout the day is such a blessing and I can't wait to do the same for you!

If you're considering me as your photographer for your special day, I encourage you to explore my website and reach out to me with any questions that you may have! I hope you have a wonderful and fantastic day!

Get Acquainted!

My visual photography style is described as simple, organic, and fresh looking images. My artistic philosophy, which is what I believe photos should make you feel, is described as authentic, meaningful, and timeless. With all six of these elements present, a powerful and unique photo can be captured!
You can never go wrong with a little nifty-fifty 1.4 (or 1.8) lens, but my favorite is the AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR, or as I like to call it: Stella. This type of lens (70-200mm 2.8) is pretty common among professional photographers to be their favorite lens regardless of what brand it is because the pictures are so creamy!
Sure there is a big debate (especially with Canon vs. Nikon), but honestly, I don't think it really matters. I have met some people that say Canon is infinitely better than Nikon, yet they have never shot with Nikon. I believe that both brands are incredible and that the only thing that is truly important is that stunning image you get! Personally I use Nikon because I am most comfortable using their equipment and I am happy with the results I capture.
Being able to inspire clients with my best possible effort that encourages them to embrace how beautiful and amazing they are! Read more on my artistic philosophy page.
Other than photography, I enjoy to alpine ski, cycle, rock climb, blending smoothies, create things (either physically or on the computer), graphically design stuff, meet new people, learn anything that's new & interesting, and spend time with family and friends! Oh, and I have a weird fascination for parliamentary procedure...
I am always down to get to know people or maybe even become friends! Feel free to ask me anything (doesn't have to be about photography) via the contact page.

Learn more about the photographer by also reading his artistic philosophy. If you are here looking for a photographer that cares about your needs, then contact Gabriel to book a portrait session, event, or other service that he will passionately help you with!

[The photo shown above was captured by Rob Hawthorne Photography.]

Gabriel Dupon Photography

Northern Colorado Wedding Photographer

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