Less is more

As you may have already read on the FAQ or my biography page, I do not use a second shooter. You may be wondering why I shoot by myself or you may be a bride asking the question "should I hire one or two photographers for my wedding?" To learn more, please read my detailed answer below.

Why do you not have a second shooter?

It is great having another photographer capture your wedding or special event because "one photographer can't be in two places at once" or "another photographer can provide more diversity in perspectives". However, those statements don't usually hold to be true, plus there are a lot of down sides to having two photographers:

Nine Disadvantages to having a second shooter

Only the best memory cards are used and only the fresh ones (not overused) are put back into the camera. Large memory cards are also used, so I will never have to take the cards out from the slots until I get back to my home studio, which prevents any cards from becoming lost or damaged. Additionally, the cameras used always have two memory card slots, so when an image is saved, it is automatically duplicated to a second memory card.

Reason #1

Larger investment (packages are more expensive).

Reason #2

The focus is usually on quantity rather than on quality (no pun intended).

Reason #3

A good photographer doesn't need to be in two places at once to capture the story of important and meaningful images at your event or wedding.

Reason #4

You don't need two photographers to captures a variety of different perspectives (this can be done just fine with one).

Reason #5

Another photographer can sometimes cause confusions with the client and guests.

Reason #7

Artistic and style inconsistencies can occur between photographers.

Reason #7

The lead photographer has to sacrifice some of their time at your event or wedding to manage and communicate with the second shooter.

Reason #8

Receive more images (usually repetitive) that can be overwhelming for you to go through (clients like you usually don't want over a thousand images).

Reason #9

Liability with the trust of dependency with a second shooter to perform (sometimes they don't).


I am an independent photographer that deeply focuses on getting the best images possible for you without the worry of a second shooter! If it is truly necessary to have assistants and/or a second shooter (e.g. an event that is very large in scale or a wedding with an unusual large amount guests) then it can be provided.