Quality Matters

When I deliver the pictures to you from your wedding or photo shoot through the online gallery, I only give you the best full resolution pictures with JPEG compression! I also give you the pictures without any watermarks on them as well because nobody wants to see an annoying text or a distracting logo on a photograph anyways.

Why Full Resolution?

Because they are cool and look pretty! Higher resolution means more detail, bigger print size, and a more grandeur look! To give you perspective, the best smart phones will have a near resolution of 3 million pixels and your 4K TV will have over 8 million pixels. That is a lot of detail, but I capture my pictures at a stunning minimum 24 million pixels! At that resolution, you can create huge prints with insane detail! Also being able to see these pictures on a high quality screen up to 8K is also spectacular!


JPEG compression was created in 1992 and is universally accepted for a wide range of applications, such as web use or printing! Using JPEG is a very popular file compression for images, as they are small in size while containing a superb image quality. 

Fun fact: JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.

What about uncompressed images?

For some reason you would like an uncompressed TIFF copy built from the RAW data of some pictures, that is definitely possible! Usually, the only reason you would need a TIFF version of a photo is for extra-large format printing and cinema displays. Once your pictures are delivered on the online gallery, you can purchase TIFF images from the digital section. The images will be delivered to you via a secure link within 7 days. Please note that TIFF images can be up to 250mb!

Fun fact: TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format.

AI Upscaled Image Upgrade

If you would like a higher resolution, this option is for you! Images can be upscaled using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) upscaling software anywhere from 200% to 800%.

Once the upscaling is complete, the images will be uploaded to the online gallery and the URL will be emailed/texted to you. This can take up to 7 days.

Image upscaled 200% for an insane 12K resolution!