Photography services FAQ

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Bring out your favorite drink and enjoy reading some answered questions. This FAQ is here so you can better understand the photography services offered at Dupon Photography.

The FAQ is divided into three sections:

1 - General FAQ
2 - Wedding Specific FAQ
3 - Portrait Specific FAQ

1 - General FAQ

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

If you decide to cancel your session or wedding, your initial payment (25% reservation fee) will not be refunded. However, any other payments you made will be returned to you (the remaining 75%).

Are there benefits when referring you?

Well of course there are benefits! You can earn discounts, special prints, gift cards, or a free photo shoot!

The reason Dupon Photography exists is because of people like you! In return, I want to show my appreciation of you by providing benefits when you refer to people in need of excellent photos.

Are you a natural light photographer?

I love taking pictures with natural light when it's available and try to always prioritize it! However, when it's not, I will create my own light by using flashes, continuous lights, and other lighting methods.

Please note that I will never use any flashes during a wedding ceremony without your permission first.

Should I hire you as my photographer?

That is totally up to you, but unlike many other photographers, I have a unique artistic philosophy of non-trendy photos that is different compared to a lot of other imaging creatives.

I promise to not just take high-quality photos, but capture authentic, timeless, and meaningful images of what you love!

What if you have an equipment failure?

I take serious measures to make sure equipment failure never happens. However, if it ever does happen, I am prepared. Please read my article about equipment failure prevention in my blog to get an idea of how I avoid such situations.

When will my photos be delivered?

Usually, photos are delivered within two weeks after your wedding or photo shoot concludes. During this time, all photos are carefully:
- inspected
- edited
- retouched,
- uploaded in a high-resolution format to an online gallery,
- sent to you with access.

Prints ordered through the online gallery can take about a week depending on the shipping method. If an album or book comes with your package, please allow four to six weeks for the designing, construction, and shipping process.

Please contact Dupon Photography if you have any questions.

How many photos will I receive?

Usually, you will receive 50 photos each hour depending on your wedding or photo shoot. You may receive less if you have any special requests that take extra time.

I know that quantity is important, but I value quality photos and great experiences with you above all else!

What is most rewarding to you?

Being able to inspire clients by capturing photos that encourage them to embrace how beautiful and amazing they are!

Do you have backup equipment?

Of course, I do!

I invest a lot into having backup equipment, so I will always be ready to capture your precious moments.

Do I have to sign a contract?


As with any professional service, a legal agreement is important to protect both parties from any liabilities. An agreement also includes a model release to provide Dupon Photography the option to market with these photos as well.

As a bonus, I provide you with a free printing and sharing release!

Any business professional such as myself is strict with contracts.

If this makes you uncomfortable, contact me and I will go over everything with you.

What equipment do you use?

I use a wide range of professional full-frame cameras and the best gold-ring lenses from Nikon to capture your precious moments.

Of course, the talent does not come from the equipment that is used, but I want to make sure I capture the best possible images for you!

What if I lose my pictures?

If you lose or somehow delete your pictures after your wedding or photo shoot, don't worry. Contact me and you will receive all of your original pictures back. I take great responsibility in my data system for permanently keeping all photographs I capture. I do this by constantly backing them up and keeping them in secure hard drives.

Are my pictures edited?

Heck yeah! All of your pictures are professionally edited and retouched.

This includes a selection process of the best pictures, color corrections, exposure adjustments, cropping, etc.

How do I get prints?

You can order prints through the online store when your photos are delivered. If your package comes with print credits, you can redeem them at checkout as well.

Of course, you are not obligated to order prints from Dupon Photography. You're allowed to order prints from wherever you would like! However, it is recommended to order prints and albums through Dupon Photography because I design everything to perfection and use some of the best professional printing labs in the world to ensure your satisfaction.

What is your style?

I am a photographer with a natural and timeless style.

I believe that the way I take pictures is the best way a wedding can be cherished for generations.

2 - Wedding specific FAQ

What if you become unable to photograph my wedding?

If you have already booked me and I, unfortunately become ill, severely hurt, or I have a family emergency that renders me impossible to photograph your wedding, I will find a replacement for you.

The replacement will be of same or a higher skilled photographer than me. If I am unable to find a replacement or you don't like the replacement that I find, then I will give you a 100% refund as soon as possible.

Will you keep my wedding date reservation?


Once you and I sign the contract and the initial payment (aka- reservation fee) is paid, your date/time is rock solid and it cannot be moved (unless you need me to because you changed your event date/time for some reason).

How do I know if you're available?

Please fill out the wedding contact form on the contact page and I will respond to you on a business day (Monday-Friday) as soon as possible. Once I respond, you will be provided with more details about availability and booking information.

Please note that I have a limited number of weddings each year as I value quality and good client experiences above all else!

How much are wedding packages?

Please contact me by filling out an application. From there, we can schedule a meeting to talk about packages, add-ons, traveling, and anything else you need to know about.

The needs and budget for each couple is unique, so the price can vary.

Will you travel to my wedding?

Absolutely! I am available as a destination wedding photographer and I can travel anywhere in the United States plus some countries internationally. I do require that you reimburse me for my travel expenses and pay a destination fee.

However, any travel within the Northern Colorado area (Wellington, Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, Buckeye, Carr, Nunn, Norfolk, Laporte, Bellvue, Timnath, and Severance) or the Cheyenne Wyoming area will include no travel fee for your wedding. Any area not too far away from those areas have minimal expenses for my traveling.

Do you have a second shooter?

I do not use a second shooter when photographing weddings. To learn more about why I don't have a second shooter, read my article called "one or two photographers" in my blog, which describes in detail why I find it unnecessary.

However, if you really want a second shooter, I can make that happen. Just let me know!

Will you drink at my wedding?

That is a definite NO! I have attended some weddings with other vendors drinking alcohol and I just think to myself how disrespectful that must be to the bride & groom. I will never consume any liquor of any type and I try to stay away from beverages with sugars. I just stick with water because I need to stay hydrated, professional, and focused on capturing the best images for you!

What should I tell my guests?

If you would like to get the best pictures at your wedding, I would suggest that you tell your guests (or put up an unplugged sign) at your ceremony for guests to limit taking pictures with their smartphones or cameras.

You don't want a moment where a guest stands up right in front of the photographer during your ceremonial Kiss! This is just a suggestion and I will always be able to work around and be gracious to all of your wedding guests.

Do you provide discounts?

No. Dupon Photography does not provide any discounts to our photography services.

3 - Portrait specific FAQ

What should I do if I get anxious for a photo shoot?

Doing the following two things, will help you immensely!

1 - Just remind yourself that you are going to receive pictures that show how confident and beautiful you truly are! Your friends will be amazed when they see this GORGEOUS person!

2 - Pretend that this is going to be like meeting your best friend! JUST BE YOU and we will have a lot of fun together! By the end of the session you will forget that your picture was even being taken.

What portrait sessions do you offer?

I usually only do weddings, but I sometimes do portrait sessions according to the following:

Engagements - Offered exclusively to wedding clients ONLY.

Seniors - Depends on the time of year with limited availability.

Lifestyle - Depends on the time of year with limited availability

Adventure portrait sessions - Contact me for more details.

Commercial Projects - Contact me for more details.

Please contact me for more information if you're interested in a portrait session!

Do you travel to portrait sessions?

Unlike my wedding & event photography services, I am not available for long distance travel to do portrait sessions.

I usually like to keep my portrait sessions within the Northern Colorado area (Wellington, Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, Buckeye, Carr, Nunn, Norfolk, Laporte, Bellvue, Timnath, and Severance) or Cheyenne Wyoming.

If you're interested in doing a portrait session and are not in my service area, I do require you to travel to the Northern Colorado or the Southern Wyoming area.

How much are portrait sessions?

Please contact me for availability and to receive a quote. Please note that I am very limited with my portrait session availability (especially during the summer).

Do I need to practice posing?

That isn't necessary because I don't like to pose people. My job as a photographer is to guide you to do something fun!

While you are having fun, I will be capturing some incredible pictures of you!

There is no need for practice or training. The only thing you need to practice is saying to yourself "I am beautiful, I am amazing, I will be awesome!".

Don't worry, you totally got this!

Will you hold my date/time?

Once you and I sign the contract and the reservation fee is paid, your date/time is rock solid.

It cannot be moved, unless you need it to because of weather or a personal emergency.

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