A nightmare that won't come true

An equipment failure with a camera, lens, memory card, hard drive, etc. is a nightmare and a worry for almost all photographers! If a photographer doesn't worry about that, then that is someone you probably don't want to work with. 

It would be unfortunate, but a photographer that loses photos or has a camera malfunction during an event would prevent the photographer from satisfying the client. That is why every photographer that has those nightmares will take extreme effort to make sure this never ever happens. 

So you may be wondering what I do to help prevent this from happening? 

Discover and learn about my three orders of prevention:

First Order of prevention

Equipment is inspected before the shoot to make sure everything is working properly and there is no damage. If something bad still does happen, I will use extra or backup equipment just in case!

Second order of prevention

Only the best memory cards are used and only the fresh ones (not overused) are put back into the camera. Large memory cards are also used, so I will never have to take the cards out from the slots until I get back to my home studio, which prevents any cards from becoming lost or damaged. Additionally, the cameras used always have two memory card slots, so when an image is saved, it is automatically duplicated to a second memory card.

Third order of Prevention

Images are immediately transferred from the camera to a very secure computer, then backed up twice to multiple hard drives that are stored in secure locations. I don't delete the photos on the memory cards until the next shoot and the photos stored on the hard drives are kept permanently and are never deleted (unless it is absolutely necessary). Read my Image Archive Backup page to learn the steps to make sure your photos are kept safe.

A feeling of peace

Hopefully that makes you feel comfortable and safe if you were considering having me as your photographer to capture your precious moments!

Important Liability Note

With these prevention steps, please keep in mind that sometimes it is inevitable that bad things can happen, but let's just say that I will do my best to make sure that it doesn't happen. And if it does, I will be prepared to the best of my ability!