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Whenever we find ourselves lost and trying to discover new ideas, we usually go to the internet. However, as we continue to go on with our lives, we somehow get into the habit of relying on the web and social media to constantly find new ideas.

Before I continue, let's get one thing clear. The internet is very useful, and it does have many great resources (like this article), but you have to make sure you use it responsibly. If you rely on searching for ideas too often, then you become a reactive photographer instead of a proactive photographer.

So that leads us to this next question...

How do I find inspiration with my photography?

Being a proactive photographer means that you don't rely on someone else to give you an idea or waiting for the inspiration/moment to come to you. You simply can just go anywhere and just shoot whatever to create a beautiful image. A reactive photographer is the opposite, just waits and is constantly searching...

So, how do you become a proactive photographer finding inspiration? Simple, get out of the house and just shoot! It doesn't matter "what" and it doesn't matter "how good" your photos are. Just take pictures and ignore anything else you have been told or seen on social media. At the time of this writing, I am not active on most social media for that purpose.

Remember, that photography is a self-expression, and there are no rules of what you can and cannot do!

No need to always be looking at social media to be inspired to take pictures. Here are five guidelines to help you become that proactive photographer capturing authentic images:

1 » Perceive the World Around You!

Sometimes we can get so focused on the big parts of life (family, work, school, etc.) that we forget to just look at the little details around us. The inspiration you're looking for, might just be in your backyard! The grass, sun shinning through the trees, pretty birds, textures of your house, etc! Add a unique perspective and that will be a really interesting photo! Being aware of what is around you is probably one the most important skill as a photographer!

2 » Ignore What Others Say!

If you have ever entered a photography competition, you will know that it becomes very subjective. In fact, that remains true with just people in general. Everyone (including you) have their own opinions of what they like and don't like. Capture what you want and make a photograph how you want it. Photography is very personal and all I can say is that everyone is different, so create YOUR photo, not someone else's!

3 » Experiment and Try Something Different!

How will you ever discover something if you aren't willing to try? Doing the same thing over and over again will just yield the same results. Just go out, experiment and try something different! Plus, while you are doing it, you might just learn some new tricks. Experimenting is my favorite way to grow and find new ideas because it allows me to really comprehend what I'm doing. Even if you think it isn't possible to try something new; forcing yourself might just surprise you!

4 » Make No Excuses!

Admit it! We all do it, including me sometimes. We like to make excuses for everything for no reason. It doesn't matter what excuse you're telling yourself, but it is preventing you from being inspired. Honestly, it is just a mental battle we have and the way to defeat the enemy is to simply not give the enemy a chance by making no excuses. JUST STOP SAYING IT AND GO DO IT!

5 » Relax and Have Fun!

Why did you start taking pictures in the first place? Well at least for me, I loved the idea of capturing a moment that I could look back on, thus it was really cool and fun! Whatever your reason was, it probably brought you joy, so keep it that way and relax! Just enjoy taking pictures! No excuses, do something different, don't let others bother you, and capture the beautiful details that surround you!


This list could have many more, but this will get you started to be a proactive photographer, capturing genuine landscapes, animals, architecture, portraits, or whatever you enjoy to take pictures of. Hopefully this article helps you have inspirational clarity.

Ultimately, don't overthink it. Photography is simple in its nature, so keep it simple!

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