Week 3 was a lot of work as I ran into a lot of obstacles. In this project update, I am going over my second phase of filming plus editing, and any finishing touches that I did. Get ready because this is going to be an exciting ride!

Filming phase 2

My plan for filming the core part of the curriculum was to do it impromptu style with a whiteboard. However, after filming the first section of the curriculum, I was very disappointed with the result. I had issues recording the audio without background noise (e.g. a dog barking), and I was struggling clearly articulating.

I did a lot of brainstorming and I had some good ideas. I decided it would be better if I used the virtual presentation feature on Keynote and by just recording audio through my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. This wasn't ideal, but as I mentioned in the week one project update, being able to actually finish this project was a priority.

Because I had to re-shoot some videos, I wasn't able to finish the 10 videos that I was planning to get done. However, I did finish 7 of them. To stay on schedule I will need to get those remaining three videos done before November 23rd.

If you are interested in how I am shooting these videos, read my week 2 project update.

My setup for filming the whiteboard videos.

The only footage that I ended up using from this setup was the short introduction before each video.

Creating the slides in Keynote that I will be showing as I record myself talking about each factor of the marketing trifecta.

I had a lot of fun making the why factor section slides as I put graphics on them.

Animating the content that will be displaying on the slides.

I discovered a super cool feature in the Keynote application to create virtual presentations. I am glad that I found this feature because it saved me a lot of time!

Editing phase 2

Generally, I am very efficient when it comes to video editing. However, I did quite a bit of audio editing to remove any filler words I didn't need in my recordings.

My technique really didn't change from last week, so there isn't much to say here other than finishing 1 video per day on average. However, my computer was getting relatively slow from all the cache data from the rendering of the videos.

Editing my footage in Final Cut Pro.

Udemy course page

I did complete all of the course information last week, but there were still video descriptions and the course description to be completed. I am finished with all of this information and now I only need to upload a few more videos, then submit the course for review.

Uploading and adding descriptions to each video.

Working on the Udemy landing page.

Reviewing each video for quality. Yes I did find some mistakes, but I fixed them.

Writing messages that will be automatically sent to each student as they enroll in the course.

Near the finish line

I am super close to finishing this project. This was a frustrating week, but I had a chance to clear my head by going skiing at Keystone. I am projecting to finish this project in the next few days. Keep a lookout for my week 4 project update and a special landing page highlighting this Udemy project.

My Trello board showing the progress of my project.