Getting to know each other

Schedule a consultation meeting at a convenient time for your client is very important! Doing this meeting isn't required, but this does provide an opportunity for the client and photographer to talk about important things before the big day!

What is there to discuss?

Have fun at this meeting and provide a joyful experience for your client! Here are some things that should be discussed, but not limited to:

  • To get to know them better (and their future spouse too, if applicable).
  • Their special day and their event (event planning progress).
  • For you to ask any questions or concerns they may have.
  • Special requests for their photo shoot or event (if any).
  • Go over the contract and how you do business.
  • How you (the photographer) can best serve them.
  • The photography service details.

Depending on your client's wedding day, special event, or session; you may want to have multiple meetings to make sure everything is planned accordingly (e.g. wedding timeline, special requests, family photos, et cetera) may be necessary to go above and beyond their expectations.