I made some serious progress on my project this week putting together my Udemy course. I finished all the course information, scripted all of the videos, shot & edited some of them, and did a lot of other things.


This was the bulk of the work this week. I had to organize all of my projects and write the scripts in an application called Keynote. The plan was to have all of the slides play through my iPad since I don't have a teleprompter.

Writing the script for one of my videos on Keynote. The content was based on a blog post that I wrote on October 7th, 2022. I later got rid of this video and put parts of it on some other videos.

Organizing my project on Mac Finder. There are a few videos in here that I decided not to produce.

Filming phase 1

I am filming in two phases. The first one will be lecturing and the second will be interactive learning. This week I finished phase 1.

My camera setup was unusual since I was missing a few gadgets. I said to myself, "I can still make it work!" Besides those few things I was missing, I still had some pretty nice equipment to use since I am a photographer and filmmaker.

I didn't use any lights for this portion of the filming, instead, I utilized a natural lighting approach. Some may argue that this is a bad way to approach lighting a scene, but I was wanting to achieve a unique look to the footage.

Here is a list of some equipment that I used:

Also, here is a list of some settings that I used:

  • Audio recorded at 48 kHz in 32-bit WAV format
  • H.265 codec with N-Log
  • 1/60th of a second at 30 fps
  • Aperture at f/2.8 to f/4
  • ISO-800

This is my camera setup for all the lectures and introductions.

A view of my camera setup from the front. Notice my ridiculous looking teleprompter? I controlled it with the white keyboard by my microphone.

Editing phase 1

Same with the filming portion, I am editing in two different phases. This week I finished phase 1.

I shot and edited all of the introductory and concluding lectures. For the editing application, I used Final Cut Pro with the Color Finale Pro plugin.

I started with creating the intro graphic that will display before each video. After that, I did lots of experimenting to see what would be the best way to edit each video.

Here is the intro video that I created that will play before each lecture.

Screenshot of me creating the intro video with Final Cut Pro

30 second timelapse of creating a video in Final Cut Pro.

Using Color Finale plugin for FCP to color correct and grade my log footage.

Exporting the videos is always an exciting process!

Creating the course information

I was surprised that the editing didn't take me that long to do. However, I was also surprised at how long it took me to do the course information.

I created the landing page for my project, started uploading the videos, made some assignments, completed my user profile, and whatever else need to get done.

Uploading my videos to Udemy.

Writing the landing page for my course on Udemy.

I also created some resources that participants of my course can download to fill out as they are going through the lectures. I used Pages to make these documents.

I created my course image with an application called Affinity Designer. The colors of the image were selected from PANTONE. The font I selected was Beloved Sans. I also used this image for my video intro.

I am over 60% complete

I am about two-thirds complete with this project. Currently, my goal for this next week is to get it finished so I can have it sent in for review. Look for a blog post coming out on November 21st for more updates!

My Trello board as I am entering week 3 of my project.

Trello pie chart of the amount of items I am working on.