Welcome to the new!

After a hard 2020 with COVID-19, Gabriel Dupon Photography has been doing a lot of brand changes during 2021! New logo design. Font change to a San Serif Montserrat. New color selections. New visual styles. And overall, a new approach to my business marketing! The last thing that needed a change was my website and now here it is!

Pixieset is Awesome!

I have been using the Pixieset galleries for sending pictures to my clients and I have now decided to now use their website and studio manager to help more efficiently run my business! I am very happy with my choice for using Pixieset and I think it will be awesome! Fun fact by the way, I have an Australian Labradoodle I got from Hilltop Labradoodles named Pixie! I love her! She is an amazing dog! A picture of her is below.

Captured this spectacular photograph at F/2.8. Only getting the eyes in focus!

And A New Blog!

I won't just stop at a new website... I am also starting a photography blog! This has been something I have been hesitating on, but now I am doing it! It will include my wedding experience, travel adventures, photography tips, educational articles, fun resources, free documents, news, updates, and much more! Since I am not on social media such as Instagram, this is a really good way I can provide all my clients, friends, and whoever to stay updated on what I have been doing!

Stay Interested!

Thanks for reading my blog! Make sure to watch out for any new blog posts that are coming soon! If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on the new site, please let me know!