Recently I ordered a keyboard for my tablet. I thought it would be nice to have a portable device for writing because I prefer to use desktop computers as my main machine. Well by the time I finally attached the keyboard, it was early in the morning and I just felt like writing something. From out of the blue here is what I wrote:

Hello World! Welcome to the fascinating concept where one would think fantasy and expect to be amazing, but instead becomes disappointed by the fact that you aren’t special.

You want to be amazing you say? Why would you say that anyways? You come into this world just like everyone else, but then suddenly you think you are special? Yeah right! Do you want to know what else everyone has in common? They think that they are the world! In other words, they are selfish and self-centered.

You say you want to help people, but only say that because it provides you lots of attention as an amazing person. Who is it really about then?

You like money because it gives you the power and the ability to buy stuff. You become greedy, so you can worship idols created by other people that think they’re special too.

You eat healthily and diet to be happy. It provides lots of benefits and it is great to take care of yourself, but you become so obsessed with it that you don’t care. What only matters is you after all, right?

You adore others and spend time with them, but you only think about how you are better than them. Sometimes you hate others because you envy them.

You want to be popular because you want to be worshiped. Or you don’t want to be popular because you want to worship those that are popular.

You become depressed because all you can think about is yourself and you don’t care about anyone else.

You believe that because you justify it. You think that is the only way to live. Consciously, you say no to that statement, but you only lie to yourself. It becomes your false god because after all, you are the most important person of all.

You could simply care less, because why not? It is not like it affects everybody else.

Conclusion... Our lives are always focused on ourselves.

We can all be very self-focused, which doesn't do us any good. This is a problem because sin is in our world.  

The best thing that we can do is to follow the word of God and trust in Him to guide us. That is my recommendation of what I believe is true, but it is ultimately your choice of how you want to live. What will you do?