At the beginning of the month, I decided to create a brand marketing course on Udemy. This seemed like a very cool project to complete, but there was a problem. I have a tendency to attempt to make my project perfect, hence never completing it.

This project was going to be different and I challenged myself to spend no more than 28 days putting together this course. Each week look for an update on my progress on my blog!

My outline

Before I did anything with this project, I needed to create an outline. This outline will include everything from why I am doing this project and how I am going to complete this project. It wasn't hard to write, but I did spend almost the whole week on it to make sure that I was creating something worthwhile.

Fun fact, my first outline included about 40 videos, but I had to cut it back significantly to make sure that I was actually going to complete this course.

Writing my outline in Google Docs.

Organizing my project

I am a huge believer in keeping everything organized, both physical and digital. I believe it helps you see the big picture of your project and helps you keep yourself mentally organized.

Keeping everything organized with Finder on my Mac.

Before I started this project, I went through all of my studio gear and re-organized it. I needed to do this as I just finished a short film project.

Setting up my task management

Taking on a project this big is a significant challenge. I use a combination of methods to help keep track of everything, this includes:

  • My whiteboard
  • Physical notepad
  • Notetaking application
  • Trello

For the most part, I like to use Trello to keep everything managed.

Using Trello to manage my project.

The beginning of a fun project

I always love putting together projects that challenge me! To follow the progress of this project, check out my blog post updates that I will be publishing weekly during the month of November 2022.

Discover Praxis

One of the main reasons I started this project was because I am participating in this neat program called Praxis. This program is a one-year apprenticeship opportunity that is an alternative to going to college. You should check out their website at to learn more.