A beautiful winter wedding in Golden Colorado

The first wedding that I photographed of 2022 was a winter wedding on January 8th, and it did not disappoint. The couple was such a joy to work with and their wedding was very sweet & intimate. I actually felt lucky to photograph their wedding and the photos that I took definitely captured the beauty and love of these two!

First things first: details!

I almost always capture the detail shots first! This includes rings, the dress, jewelry, and anything else that just needs extra attention! I use my 24-70mm f2.8 and my 105mm f2.8 macro for these. Here I took all of the detail shots outside, except for the rings. I actually captured those on the surface of a bathtub!

Getting ready (with mirrors of course!)

There was a short amount of time when I was at Elizabeth's location to get photos of her getting ready. The bathroom had mirrors and windows with lots of light coming through! This was just perfect! What else could a photographer wish for??? Oh, and by the way, hanging the dress in the background is generally a good idea to make the pictures extra special!

"If you're going to do something, do it right or don't do it at all."

Groom portraits at Origin Hotel Redrocks

Once I finished the bride getting ready, I had to drive about ten minutes to the Origin Hotel Redrocks, where the groom was getting ready. When I arrived, Leo and his groomsmen were already ready, so we did some classy pictures of just them! This was a super cool hotel and I had a lot of fun ideas for portraits! However, don't take my word for it, look for yourself below!

Ceremony at Rockland Community Church

I mostly do outdoor ceremonies, but this one I did this inside the Rockland Community Church. It was a joy and the church had many gorgeous photo opportunities. The ceremony was difficult because of the colored lights, but the glass wall behind the altar was... Incredible! Val, the wedding coordinator was also very helpful! The photos below were captured with a 24-70mm f2.8 and a 70-200mm f2.8 without the use of any flash (note that I never use a flash during the ceremony).

Family formals

The family formals were captured before and after the ceremony, in multiple locations throughout the church property. They get repetitive, but are nonetheless very important! Here are some of those photographs!

Rockland Community Church couple portraits

Once we finished all of the family formals, the newly married couple and I went behind the Rockland Community Church building. We discovered gorgeous lighting and a spectacular backdrop for photos! The best part? After the entire day having cloud coverage, the sun made a grand entrance into the sky! Check out those stunning images below!

I-70 overpass couple portraits

If you think those pictures were amazing, then prepare yourself for part 2! Because Elizabeth & Leo wanted to get pictures on an I-70 overpass! I was thrilled to hear that because that is supposed to be a majestic spot for wedding photos!

Lookout Mountain couple portraits

And now for a couple of portraits part 3! For the last set of pictures, I discovered a very pretty spot called Lookout Mountain that is near Boettcher Mansion. You can literally look out into the vastness of the landscape and it will just take your breath away because of how stunning it is! It was also cold and really icy, so we had to do this quickly! The funny part? Discovering that another couple was also getting their picture taken at that same spot. HA! I don't know who that other photographer was, but I am sure we both got great pictures for our clients!

Reception at Boettcher Mansion

After finishing the couple portraits, I went and met the DJ/emcee team, Nick & Colleen at the reception location. The final part of the day was held at Boettcher Mansion by Jefferson County, and is now probably one of my favorite wedding venues! I loved the beautiful mountain location and the intimate charm of the place!

Post-wedding review

Editing all of these pictures was a lot of fun! In fact, I was able to deliver all of their pictures about a week later. They mentioned how stunning the photos were and provided me with the following review on Google! I was overjoyed reading it since I love to provide the best service I possibly can for my clients!

“Gabriel photographed our wedding and did a great job! He was friendly and very easy to work with. His communication is exceptional and he was always very eager to help. Most importantly, we love the photos that he took!”

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