Senior Portraits

Gabriel Dupon is a photographer in Northern Colorado that specializes in Spectacular Senior Portraits!

Graduating seniors always look beautiful!

It is the time of your life when you are a beautiful young woman or a handsome young man! Regardless if you believe that or not, it is true! We are all uniquely attractive, and senior portraits are a great way to emphasize on that beauty!

Improving your Self-Esteem!

In a world, with many struggling with self-esteem, you may not appreciate your looks. That thought makes Gabriel sad and that is why he wants to capture a perspective of you unlike anyone has ever seen! Sometimes we don't think highly of ourselves because we have the wrong perspective. Would you like that perspective to be changed? Would you really like to see how beautiful you are? Hire Gabriel Dupon as your photographer and you will see how amazingly good-looking and charming you truly are!

"I know how to capture you in a way that is dazzling with a perspective unlike any other!"

Increase your confidence as you graduate!

You will get photos that increase your confidence as you graduate high school or college! Ultimately, you will be proud to look at those pictures captured of you and may even wonder why you never noticed how gorgeous you look!

Natural Light Photography Style!

What is truly unique about sessions, is that you get the opportunity to have a spectacular portrait captured of you looking your best! When you have your photo captured with natural light in an organic, simple, and imaginative style; you have a choice of the type of photography you would like:

scenic seniors!
Refers to taking pictures in outdoor, nature, or rural areas while only using natural light. This is usually a good choice for those that are looking for something simple, organic, yet very fun and beautiful.

urban seniors!
Refers to taking pictures near and in buildings within city areas, while using natural lighting. This is usually a good choice for those that are looking for something unique, fun, and very creative.

Spectacular Photographs!

You will receive an elegant online gallery with fully edited photographs! Each image is of excellent quality with technical perfection and of artistic beauty of what you can and cannot see!

senior portrait gallery example
See an example gallery from a real photography session! This will show you what a senior portrait session will look like once the photos are delivered!

A Fun Experience!

Whoever said that getting your picture is not fun and a stressful process is either wrong or had a bad photographer! When Gabriel and you begin the session, the approach is to have lots of fun! Sometimes Gabriel says some weird things or ridiculous jokes, and may even do some strange things! His approach is to keep it fun and make sure you keep laughing because why not have lots of joy in a picture? You may try to prepare for this super fun session, but the only way to truly prepare, is to simply be yourself!

senior portrait service details
View prices and the details on what is included in a senior portrait package! Gabriel hopes you consider him as your photographer as you graduate!

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