Dupon Photography's approach is to provide you with the best service ever! Here is how that is achieved

Before the photo shoot or wedding

The time you send the inquiry and book is when I begin to work. This will be about understanding your expectations and makings sure I am prepared for your special day.

For wedding clients, you will have access to a special webpage to book a quick support call, if you ever need it.

As your special day gets closer, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out. This helps Dupon Photography best photograph your wedding or photo shoot.

Also, I will let you in on a little secret. If you discover a special gift in the mail, don't be surprised.

During the photo shoot or wedding

I get dressed nicely and I am ready for whatever is going to be thrown at me!

The goal is to capture all those simple details, special moments, and to make everyone look pretty! I will utilize seven superpowers to make sure you receive the most professional and spectacular-looking photographs:

Top of the game

Efficiently and manually operate with my equipment for consistent results.


Simple and focused directions, so you look confident, and your best!


Being enthusiastic and fun, so everyone can enjoy the experience!

Super eyes

Eye to pay close attention to detail for a pleasing aesthetic look.


Aware of the surrounding environment for a look of interest.


Prioritizes locations by using lighting for a look of elegance.


A vision for how to create beautiful photographs.

After the photo shoot or wedding

For the next two to three weeks, the best photos will be selected, inspected, retouched, and color corrected. Images are edited using an elegant and simple approach to keep them looking authentic, but never to look outdated.

Once this stage is complete, all the photos will be delivered to you through an online gallery. If prints or albums are ordered, those will also be carefully designed and created to meet master quality.

Finally, I will make sure that you're satisfied with the imaging/editing results, along with the printing results, and I will continue to help you in any way that is needed.