This is the story and evolution of Gabriel Dupon Photography

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Throughout my entire life I have always had the urge of wanting to pick up a camera, but always hesitated because I asked the question "why take a picture?"

I didn't buy my own camera until 2014 and that's when I realized how much love I had for the art of photography! Before starting to take pictures of people and events, I really enjoyed capturing landscapes, wildlife, architectures, or just about anything that I observed! Click on the link below to view some of those pictures.

In 2017 I had my first job of capturing a special event! That began my journey doing portrait & event photography, which led me to create my first website!

Present Day

Since the beginning, my work has continued to evolve into what it is today! I come closer to achieving extraordinary every time I use a camera because I challenge myself and continue to ask "why capture this?"

Today I specialize in capturing beautiful images of weddings and I love doing that for couples! Will you let me capture beautiful images of your wedding?


I do not know what the future holds, but I always look forward being able to meet you and capture your story! My future business goal is to continue serving my clients to the best of my ability and develop my craft in extraordinary ways.

I need to make an impact of others and communication media such as photography is one way that I can do that! I can make an impact by capturing beautiful moments that people will cherish for generations!

Other forms of media that I am pursuing and deeply enjoy include narrative based filmmaking. I am a writer, director, producer, and of course a cinematographer!

Gabriel Dupon Photography

Northern Colorado Outdoors Wedding Photographer

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