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It is important that you understand the photography service provided here, which is why the frequently asked questions (FAQ) are answered for your convenience! Other questions not provided here, can be answered by contacting gduponphotography@gmail.com.

1 » How many photos will I receive?

Usually, you will receive about 60-90 photos each hour depending on the event or session. You may receive less when you have any special requests that take extra time. Gabriel knows that quantity is important, however, he values quality photos and great experiences with you above all else.

2 » How do I know when you're available?

Please fill out a contact form, and Gabriel will respond to you on a business day (Monday-Friday) as soon as possible. Once he responds, you will be provided with more details about dates and availability. Note that he has a limited number of photo projects each year as he values quality and good client experiences extremely important.

3 » When will my photos be delivered?

Usually photos are delivered within two weeks after your session or event concludes. During this time, all photos are carefully inspected, edited, retouched, and uploaded in a high resolution format to a private online gallery, then sent to you with access. Prints ordered through the online gallery can take about a week depending on the shipping method. If an album or book comes with your package, please allow four to six weeks for the designing, construction, and shipping process.

4 » Are you available for travel beyond Northern Colorado?

Absolutely! Gabriel is available for travel anywhere in the United States. Any travel outside the Northern Colorado area (Wellington, Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, Buckeye, Carr, Nunn, Norfolk, Laporte, Bellvue, Timnath, and Severance) will include travel expenses with your portrait session, special event, wedding, speaking engagements, etc.

5 » How do I get prints and albums?

You will receive high quality prints, and specially designed albums with packages that provide them, or you can order through the online store when your photos are delivered. Of course, you are not obligated to order prints from here and you're allowed to order prints from wherever you would like! However, it is recommended to order prints and albums through Gabriel Dupon as he designs everything to perfection and uses some of the best professional printing labs in the country to insure your satisfaction!

6 » Do you have a second shooter?

It is great having another photographer capture your wedding or special event because you usually receive more images. However, it is more expensive and it doesn't always mean you will receive the best image results. Gabriel is an independent photographer that deeply focuses on getting the best images possible for you!

7 » What equipment do you use?

Gabriel uses a diverse range of professional cameras and lenses from Nikon to capture your precious moments. Of course the talent does not come from the equipment that is used, but it does help with efficiency and getting the best image possible!

8 » Should I hire you as a photographer?

That is totally up to you, but unlike many other photographers, Gabriel has a unique creative approach that is different compared to a lot of other imaging artists. He promises to not just take high quality photos, but capture the authentic, timeless, and meaningful images of what you love in a simple, organic, and imaginative style!

9 » How do you describe your photography?

My visual photography style is described as simple, organic, and imaginative looking images. My artistic philosophy, which is what I believe photos should make you feel, is described as authentic, meaningful, and timeless. With all six of these elements present, a powerful and unique photo can be captured!

Visit the main contact page for questions not answered here.

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