Gabriel Dupon Photography
Gabriel Dupon Photography

The Approach

When you have a photographer to capture precious moments of your family, graduating senior, special event, engagement, or wedding; you shouldn't just expect a photographer to take high quality photographs... You need to expect a photographer with the approach of capturing images that are authentic, timeless, and meaningful! This is Gabriel's creative approach with photography and below are descriptions of what this means to him.

» Capturing Photographs... Authentically!

When you look at an image, you want to look at the real and amazing version of yourself captured in the most gorgeous, elegant, and beautiful way! It is also believed that using minimal to no computer manipulation helps keep the photos truly authentic!

» Cherishing Photographs... Timelessly!

Images need to be cherished throughout the years and remind you of how precious time can really be! They need to be captured in a way that makes you flood with emotion that can't be described. Ultimately, they're more than a piece of history, but something of who we are, from the inside out...

» Keeping Photographs... Meaningful!

Anyone can take pictures in this world because we all have cameras in our pockets, however, not everyone can take images that mean something... Meaningful images is another way of saying that photos can tell a story and have a purpose. This is the type of image that encourages you to truly love, accept, embrace, and become confident of the picture you are looking at. This picture could be of you!

Gabriel Dupon will do whatever it takes to understand the foundation of capturing images to grow his passion and dream to photograph in a unique impactful way, never seen before!