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Barn Dance Fun Portrait

Whatever it may be... Taking pictures of families, or capturing moments from a corporate event; Gabriel will always try his best to make sure you are satisfied, the work is done correctly, and the best results are achieved! Taking pictures is easy, but capturing genuine high quality photographs is incredibly difficult, and that is why you hire a professional photographer. On this page you will learn the approach that Gabriel has when using his artistic talent to capture what you're passionate about.

Before the photo shoot or event.

The time you send the inquiry and book, is when Gabriel begins to work. This will be understanding what your expectations and needs are, so proper preparation can be done to make sure you are satisfied with unique high quality images and have a valued experience. This is also a time to provide guidance and assistance to you, so you are prepared for the photo shoot as well.

During the photo shoot or event.

When it is finally time to photograph, the goal is to capture those simple details, special moments, to make girls look pretty, and to make guys look cool. Gabriel will do the following to make sure you receive the most professional and spectacular looking photographs:

  • Simple and focused directions, so you look confident, and your best!
  • Efficiently and manually operate with his equipment for consistent results.
  • Eye to pay close attention to detail for a pleasing aesthetic look.
  • Aware of the surrounding environment for a look of interest.
  • Prioritizes locations by using lighting for a look of elegance.
  • Being enthusiastic and fun, so everyone can enjoy the experience!
  • A vision for how to create beautiful photographs.

After the photo shoot or event.

For the next week or two, the best photos will be selected, inspected, retouched, and color corrected. Images are edited using an elegant and simple approach to keep them looking authentic, but never to look outdated. Once this stage is complete, all the photos will be delivered to you through an online gallery (option to be private or sharable) and/or other chosen method, such as a USB drive. If prints or albums are ordered, those will also be carefully designed and created to meet master quality.

Finally, Gabriel will make sure that you're satisfied with the imaging/editing results and the printing results, and will continue to help you in any way that is needed.

Have you read the artistic philosophy page yet? If not, you should check it out!

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