Meet Gabriel Dupon

Owner of Dupon Photography

My photography is innovative yet breathtakingly bright & natural.

I desire clean yet emotional imagery that inspires us to live our best life.

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Gabriel Dupon taking a wedding photo in Venice Florida

Photo by Sarasota Wedding Company

Gabriel Dupon taking a wedding photo in Lory State Park

Photo by Sweetheart Weddings

Gabriel Dupon taking a photo of a girl holding a dog

Photo by Hilltop Labradoodles

My story

My love for creating content has always been present throughout my life. When I got the first opportunity to start taking portraits and pictures of events, it sparked a beginning.

After freelancing for a few years, I noticed how bothersome it was to find a good photographer that specialized in capturing images naturally. Every photographer out there did something trendy... And it just seemed flat-out boring and superficial.

So I decided to start my own business capturing timeless emotion in a natural way. That means I would create images that are powerful yet authentically represent something meaningful. Today, that approach has continued to stay true.

Since then I have had the pleasure of shooting many weddings, special portrait sessions, being featured on many news outlets, winning awards, and becoming a member of PPA.

Other than photography, I enjoy the wonderful activities of biking, skiing, reading, hammock-ing, going on wild adventures, playing card games, making smoothies, chillin' with my dog Pixie, and spending time with my family.

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Photography is a beautiful thing. not necessarily capturing what we can see, but what we can’t see...

Mission statement

I believe that we should all love & care for people. One way I do this is by having a passion for taking pictures. My mission is for my art to inspire people to love who they are and to love others.

Vision statement

Imagine a time you are remembering all those special moments that I captured on your special day.

Looking at all those authentically beautiful yet timeless photos. They bring back memories you never want to forget. The images captured by Dupon Photography will preserve those memories until the end of time.